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About us


The company ISERA GmbH is a young enterprise aiming at the support of scientists regarding all modern chromatgraphic and analytical concerns. The company was founded in 2015 and provides equipment and accessories of premium quality for various analytical applications. ISERA is managed by Dr. Volker Lorbach and Dr. Pascal Dünkelmann who possess of broad experience in analytics and chromatography.


The name ISERA is derived from the words INNOVATION, SERVICE and ANALYTICS:

For us INNOVATION starts where existing methods end. We are looking forward to apply our know-how to overcome your analytical challenge. This might come as an individual solution for a certain analytical problem or in form of the supply with appropriate products for more general obstacles.

SERVICE is the key to keep our customers satisfied and customer satisfaction is the indicator for our success.

The expression ANALYTICS is derived from the greek ἀναλύειν (analyein ‚solve‘) and stresses our aim to identify solutions together with our customers.


„Our success is the success of our customers!“
Following this motto we aim to support our customers to achieve optimal working conditions, so that they can concentrate on their main tasks. An important prerequisite to satisfy this demand is the supply of high-quality products.  These are produced either at our site or are provided by our reliable partners. We exclusively work with partners that are able to meet the extremely high quality standards that are mandatory in instrumental analysis. These partners are international and highly experienced. It is our ambition to establish profound and long lasting relations to our customers. Therefore, we are looking forward to share our competence and experience to solve your analytical challenges.


Dr. Volker Lorbach is founder and managing partner of ISERA GmbH.

He studied chemistry at the university of Bonn and did his PhD in technical chemistry at the renowned research centre in Juelich, Germany. He is looking back on more than 15 years of experience in chemical analytics. During these years Dr. Lorbach was holding leading positions in research, development and fabrication of chromatographic products.


Dr. Pascal Dünkelmann is also founder and managing partner of ISERA GmbH.

In his previous positions he worked as COO and managing director in an international environment. Dr. Dünkelmann is a chemist and did his PhD also at the research centre in Juelich. Furthermore, he holds an associate degree “Management” from the FernUniversität Hagen.